Tile Class Rating System

Having worked with many builders, architects and designers it is interesting that I am most often asked by the consumer themselves as to how suitable a particular tile is for their application.

All Quality tile is rated using a number system of 1-5 as to its suitability for a particular application.

·       Class 1 – No Foot Traffic

·       Class 2 – Light Foot Traffic

·       Class 3 – Moderate Traffic

·       Class 4 – Moderate To Heavy Traffic

·       Class 5 –  Heavy/Extra Heavy Traffic

Distinctive Tile & Stone we will only sell and distribute floor tile that has a rating of class 3 or higher. Most big box stores, floor coverings stores and discounters have no idea what classification tile they are selling nor do most care.

Suitable Applications:

·      Class 1 – Wall and Backsplash Applications Only

·      Class 2 – In most cases this applies to residential applications and is usually limited to area such as a bathroom floor.

·      Class 3 – Residential Floor and Wall Applications Including Backsplashes, Bathroom Floors and Walls including wet areas as well as entryways i.e. walk off pads.

·      Class 4 – All Residential Applications Including Medium Commercial Use i.e. Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hotels etc.

·      Class 5 – All Residential Applications, All Medium Commercial Applications as well as Vehicle and Operational Equipment.


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