Bathroom Remodel in Lacey & Olympia, WA

Everyone wants a dream house, and although remodeling your entire home would add a lot of value to your property, not everyone has the cash available for such a large project. However, a bathroom remodel price is going to be much lower than a complete remodel of your home.

Another thought, would be when was the last time you remodeled your bathroom? If it has been over 10 years, then your bathroom design could be outdated and will need some work. Fortunately, with help from Distinctive Tile & Stone, and additional research, you will be able to create a bathroom that will impress your family and friends. When it comes to you bathroom, both stone and tile will add an amazingly aesthetic look!

Do I need a Contractor?

Typically, a bathroom or kitchen upgrade will not require a general contractor.

However, if you do think you need a general contractor, please consider us for one of your bids. We have acted as a general contractor for many projects. In other cases, we will help homeowners connect to different specialty trades. Being in the stone and tile industry for more than 25 years, we have interacted with many different professionals. We know both who we can trust, and who to avoid.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process – In Four Steps

Which part of the process do you need help with? We got you covered with:

  • Design (Check out our showroom!)
  • Fabrication
  • Delivery
  • Installation

Let’s go over each of these.

Bathroom Design – Select the perfect stone and tile for you

It is important to us that you find the perfect stone that will match your taste, and flows well with the rest of your home. After all, when your friends ask about your beautiful bathroom remodel, we want our name to come up. We will help you narrow down a stone and tile that works best for you from our very own selection of hundreds of countertops and tiles.

Fabrication of the Stone & Tile

Now we are on to fabrication of you selected stone & tile. Not too many people have these high quality fabrication tools. There are also a lot of skills to using these tools. Unless you have a lot of expensive equipment, then you should probably hire someone else to take this task on. Please consider our prices when you are in the market for accurate stone and tile cutting.

What about bathroom showers? We also custom craft shower pans. Click here to learn more

Delivery and Installation in Lacey and Olympia

If you have a truck, transportation of your stone and tile might not be an issue for you. Please be sure to safely secure the stone and tile in your vehicle. Also, remember that these materials can weigh quite a lot.

We also provide transportation and delivery of stone and tile. This ensures the safety of the product and makes your life easier.

And what about installation? We also have you covered. We understand that you want your bathroom renovations to be a lasting product in your home. With that in mind, every single project we complete will be exactly as you imagined it. With 25 years of experience, we are here to serve you.


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