One of quartz’ strongest selling points is the consistency in color and design that can be achieved through the manufacturing process.

Quartz is an extremely hard man made material consisting of approximately 93% quartz, i.e. crushed granite, and 7% resin binding agents or cement agents. The binding agents are used to hold the materials together and are pressed under extreme pressure to make a slab. Because of the density of quartz it is extremely durable and is not susceptible to staining under normal conditions. Quartz does not need to be sealed and is generally maintenance free. Warranted for 10-15 years, and sometimes even for life, it can be your ideal solution for easy care beauty.

Choose from colors like apple green to fire-engine red, or from the variety of blues, browns, blacks and creams in the middle. Add sparkles or veining for the look of either granite or marble. Quartz is typically manufactured in thicknesses of 1/2”, 3/4” or 1-1/4” and, when combined with your choice of edging leaves a lot of room to get creative in the finished look of your room. Stay rustic with a chiseled/raw edge, or go with a more elaborate ogee, or even double ogee edge.

Kitchen Countertops

Because of its nonporous nature, quartz is antimicrobial which makes it a perfect choice for kitchen counters. Although difficult to scratch, quartz can be scratched if one tries to damage the material on purpose.  Use normal care and you will experience years, even a lifetime, of use. Quartz can be shocked by heat meaning it is not recommended to place red hot items from your stove directly onto the counter. Because quartz contains resin binding agents, extreme heat can change the molecular structure of the agents and leave what appears to be a frost mark or ring on the surface of the material. Use a hot pad or a trivet.

Fireplace Surround

Quartz stands up to indirect heat, making it a perfect choice for a fireplace surround. Quartz is not suitable for outdoor use, however, because it is not designed to resist fading from UV rays from the sun, nor is it made to withstand prolonged, direct heat.

Bathroom Countertops, Bathtub Surround/Tub Deck

Because of its nonporous and antimicrobial nature, quartz is great for bathroom counters, bathtub decks and tub surrounds.

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No matter the application, clean quartz with soapy water and a mild cleansing scrub as necessary. Do not use harsh chemicals as they will break down the bond between resin and quartz.

If you like solid colors or consistent patterns then quartz is an excellent choice for long lasting durability and design.


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