Onyx is classified under chalcedony quartz. It is formed in the vesicles of lava and is most often found in cavernous deposits were the slow precipitation of cold mineral rich water form stalactites and stalagmites. The quartz structure of onyx lends itself well in creating a beautiful and vibrant highly polished surface, and this results in a finished slab or tile that is often translucent or opaque. This opens up the design capabilities of onyx considerably and allows the material to be backlit creating a dramatic piece of abstract art in stone.

Onyx Tile | Onyx Flooring
Onyx Countertops & Backsplashes

Suitable applications for onyx are generally restricted to interior applications. Onyx tiles are often used as accents or border pieces in flooring and wall applications. Because of the expense of onyx tiles it is rare that they are used as a field tile for most commercial and residential installations. Onyx slabs are most often used as cladding and are back lit to create a dramatic bar fascia or commercial back splash.

While suitable for vanity and kitchen countertops the material cost is usually prohibitive.


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