Due to its refractivity, ease of use, and in ancient times, appeal to noble classes, marble has been the preferred choice for sculptors and architects from the Greek and Roman times of rule until today. Historically, marble is used primarily in sculpting, but lends itself nicely to the timeless elegance consumer demands of today. Marble is a metamorphic rock, meaning it started its life as a sedimentary rock and changed, through natural heat and extreme pressure, into a hard stone. Because of its inherent heat-dissipation properties and the ability to always remain cool, marble is the preferred choice for baker’s countertops around the globe.

Marble Flooring & Entryways

Elegant and stunning, marble flooring is unmistaken in its visual presentation. Bold white with typical marbling is most often associated with wealth, but has found its way into the budgets of a lot of American consumers and is a popular choice for entryways and flooring accents.

Marble Countertops

Because of its smooth surface and ability to stay temperature-neutral, marble has been a preferred choice of bakers and candy makers around the globe as a primary working surface.  It’s important to keep in mind that due to its light color and composition it is possible to stain marble, which makes it less than ideal for all countertop applications unless a high degree of attention is given to its care and maintenance.   (For a more stain resistant countertop option, see Granite).

Marble Fireplace

Marble is an ideal choice for fireplace lining material due to its high heat resistance and aesthetic appeal. Most often, fireplace lining is done with marble tile rather than marble slabs to easily adapt to design curves and integration. While not the least expensive way to line a fireplace, marble is certainly one of the finest.

Marble Bathrooms

One of the most popular rooms in the home for marble is in the bathroom.  Many homeowners choose marble for their bathroom vanities, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.  And if your ultimate objective for your bathroom is elegant luxury, you’ll most certainly choose marble tiles for the floors.

There are literally endless ways to incorporate the beauty, elegance, and versatility of marble into your home.  Other popular applications for marble include:

·      Columns

·      Hearths and Mantels

·      Sculptures and Statues

·      Vases

·      Molding

·      Accent Pieces

·      Steps

If you’re thinking about using marble in your home, contact us for an expert design consultation.  We can answer all of your marble and stone questions and help you determine if marble is the right choice for you, and if so the perfect applications for your vision.


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