Stone Countertops Lacey and Olympia, WA

Stone Countertops for Sale & Installation

Nuts on a stone countertop.Nothing stands out more than beautiful stone countertops in your bathroom or kitchen. Whether it’s for a remodel or a newly designed home, Distinctive Tile & Stone can help make your countertops be the envy of the neighbors.

Kitchen countertops

When it comes to stone kitchen countertops you will want to make sure that the type of stone you choose will meet your needs and expectations.

Granite countertops for your kitchen, for example, are a popular choice due to granite being able to handle the cooking environment. Don’t stress about staining, scratching and heat damage from those hot and dirty pans.

Quartz kitchen countertops is another good choice. While you have to be a little more careful with quartz when it comes to heat and scratching, it is still a durable stone and good and popular choice for your kitchen.

Stone Kitchen Countertops Options Include

Before you decide on what type of stone you want for your kitchen countertops give us a call. Our team has vast knowledge on all the pros and cons of what stone you should pick for your kitchen.

Bathroom Countertops

Stone bathroom countertops don’t take the day to day beating like kitchen countertops do. This opens up more options for when deciding what type of stone to pick.

The List of Stone Bathroom Countertops Include

Countertop Installation and Delivery

Aside from selling stone countertops to Lacey and Olympia residents, we also do installation and delivery. Homeowners typically don’t have the skills it takes to install a stone countertop. If that is the case, let us know and we can get your new countertops installed.

Needless to say, stones are heavy. While this might make the life of your stone last a long time, it isn’t going to help when trying to get the piece of stone to your house. Our team of installers can also deliver your stone.