Custom Stone Fireplace Hearths

Fireplace Hearth Ideas 

Distinctive Tile & Stone is here to guide you in designing and creating your custom stone fireplace hearth. We offer many materials in a variety of colors. Our team can guide you in choosing the perfect colors and materials that are right for your home. 

Types of Stones Used for Hearths

You can choose from slabs made of high-quality granite, marble, quartz, and slate. Also available are tiles made from natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic. Tiles can be easier to shape into specific applications.

Fireplace Hearth Slabs 

Slate slabs are a good option for fireplaces, because of the distinct dark color they will not stain easily. Slate slabs also have a beautiful rustic look when worn in, adding to their character. They are also less expensive than other materials. Slate is not suitable for outdoors in the Northwest, if you are thinking of making an outdoor fireplace.

Quartz also has a high resistance to heat making it an ideal choice for a fireplace surround. Slabs made of quartz have a strong selling point because of their resilience and consistency in design and color. Colors come in fire-engine red, apple green, cream, blue, browns, and blacks. Quartz is also not suitable for outdoors.

Limestone and travertine have been used in indoor and outdoor applications for thousands of years. Fireplace surrounds made of limestone or travertine would be a good solution for an outdoor or indoor fireplace design.  

Give us a call with any questions about whether a specific stone is right for your fireplace application.


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