Shower Pans & Bases

Shower pans, also commonly known as shower bases, shower trays and shower basins, add a beautiful touch to your bathroom. Building a custom shower pan is an art we have mastered at Distinctive Tile & Stone. It also helps that we use advanced manufacturing processes, offering a truly custom made shower base for both residential and commercial applications.

Floor Stone Shower Pan Types – Quartz & Granite

Available in both Quartz and Granite our custom shower pans allow you to personalize your bathroom. No longer are your design ideas and personal taste limited by standard prefabricated shower pans made in what is often referred to as “industry standard sizes” followed by various shades of beige.

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Custom Size Shower Pans

Distinctive Tile & Stone shower pans can be made to any size and shape requirement. A seemingly difficult to utilize space is now “problem solved”. An area previously deemed too large or too small for traditional shower stalls is again “problem solved”. 100% positive slope over the entire surface of your stone shower base allows for unlimited options as to drain placement.

Besides a custom size, if you would like a barrier free shower pan we can create one for your unique requirements. Many of the shower pans we make are designed to be wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. Or, you may just want a more contemporary or non-standard choice in the design. We can accommodate most shower pan design requirements.

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Low Maintenance Stone

Maintenance free means care free. One of the most appealing aspects of our custom shower pans is that they are fabricated from a solid piece of Quartz or Granite. This means that your stone shower pan is both seamless and grout free. In addition, your shower base can be cleaned with a variety of standard household cleaners without fear of discoloring or damaging the surface.

Your new Distinctive Tile & Stone shower pan is limited by imagination only. Remember our design team is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.


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