Custom Natural Stone Shower Walls

Natural stone shower walls are beautiful and timeless. Nothing quite looks and feels as aesthetically pleasing as the way natural stone does in your shower.

Natural stone showers have been a symbol of wealth for thousands of years. But now there are affordable as well as more expensive traditional ways to add the feeling of lavishness to your shower.

Stone for Shower Walls

Granite Shower Walls

Granite is the best stone for durability in shower walls. This is because it is the most resistant to staining and corrosion from compounds in water and in products such as shampoos and conditioners. Granite slabs have a dark and polished finish and are the most popular for shower walls. Granite is also more affordable compared to other stones such as marble.

Marble Shower Walls

Marble has been a symbol of wealth and royalty for centuries. It is used in the Taj Mahal and in the Roman Colosseum. When it comes to shower walls though, this stone can be stained from various compounds. Thankfully there are products such as sealants that can protect the marble when used in showers. There is longer lasting professional application, but there are also products that you can use yourself to seal marble.

Limestone Shower Walls

Another popular stone for showers is limestone. It also works well for tub surrounds. Limestone was used for bathing in Ancient Egypt and in Roman baths for thousands of years. Unfortunately limestone will not last as long as granite and requires a sealant to not disintegrate over time. You can use limestone for other areas of the bathroom as well. Limestone comes in cream colors and has gold flakes that glimmer in the light. It also comes in polish and slightly textured varieties.

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